• The machine is suitable for liquid filling & rubber plugging on glass or plastic syringes. Other types can be handled as custom-made.

• 2 nozzles are for filling simultaneously. Plugging can be either by pressing down or screwing-on.

• Plugging is done parallelly with filling. Multi points inspection with optical fiber sensors. No syringe, no filling, no plugging.

• All product contact parts are made of AISI 316L and medical silicon.

• Actual working status can be displayed on touch screen with multi languages.

• Rotary filling pumps are driven by servo moto. Precision adjustment can be made on touch screen without any tools.

• Each pump can be adjustable slightly.

• LAF is optional.

Industry application:

This product is mainly used in sodium chloride prefilled syringes.

In this field, we have an absolute advantage. There are a total of 22 pre-filled syringes manufacturers in China, and we provide professional services for 20 of them; we also provide services for overseas British, Dutch, Korean, Indian, and Bangladeshi customers.


Twenty years of industry accumulation and gradual standard and modular production make our hardware cost very low, saving customers a lot of money. Our technology research and development costs are gradually diluted over more than 20 years of production. In terms of price advantage, we have a dominant position.

Twenty years of industry technology accumulation, we have the absolute technical advantage of the same product in the application, the main technical feature of our patented product is vacuum filling.

Traditional technology filling has two insurmountable weaknesses in this industry.

• There is no way to ensure that the atomized silicone oil particles are isolated in the sodium chloride liquid. If the atomization of the silicone oil is unstable, it will cause the silicone oil particles to enter the liquid and cause the product to fail to meet the quality standards.

• The contact surface of the soft rubber piston will be worn, and the worn particles will also enter the sodium chloride liquid, causing the product to fail to meet the quality standards.

We use the patented technology of vacuum filling  to perfectly avoid the above two problems, and ultimately ensure that the products meet the relevant standards.

We sincerely remind customers to pay attention to the above two points to avoid unnecessary losses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, we will provide you with professional pre-consultation to avoid investment mistakes. We are more welcome to come to our plant  for visiting and sample experiments.

Our products are also widely used in the diabetes industry.


 Technical Data

Filling Volume: 3ml -100ml
Number of Filling Head: 2 Sets 
Capacity: 3000-3600 syringes/Hours
Sealing Method: Pressure or Screw
Compressed Air: 6kg/m2, 0.3m3/min
Compressed Air: 6kg/m2, 0.15m3/min
main power: 3P 380V/220V 50-60Hz   3.0 KW
Machine Size: 2250*2188*2230mm    L*W*H
 Net weight: 850Kg








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Vacuum Filing and Plugging for Syringes

Brief Features 

The machine is suitable for liquid filling & rubber plugging on glass or plastic syringes.  Other types can be handled as custom-made.