• Automatic machine firstly developed in CHINA by us. Features include automatic syringe nest-tub in-feeding, automatic paper-cover opening/throwing, automatic vacuum filling, automatic vacuum plugging and automatic nest-tub out-feeding.  Accurate filling, controlling bubble during plugging.

• Automatic operation with monitoring all the way. Beside normal liquid, also suitable for filling transparent thick liquid like ester acid.

• This machine is suitable to pre-sterilized syringes (SCF Type) made by BD, BG, SCHOTT and major Chinese suppliers. Custom-designed is optional for other types of syringes.

• Five sync filling nozzles. Four sets of servo motors (YASUKAWA JAPAN) for accurate filling, plugging reliability and accurate row by row moving during filling operation.

• SS rotating pumps. Filling volume set-up and accuracy tuning are executed on touch-screen without any tools.

• Siemens color touch screen. Real time monitoring and display for each operating status, vacuum pressure, nitrogen pressure, C/A pressure, fault alarm with position indication, fault indication and record.

•  Multi-languages display.

• Plugging quality is monitored with MVS (machine vision system), to ensure higher acceptability (option)

• Process parameters can be timely printed, stored and retrievable.

• All contact parts are of SUS 316L and medical silicon rubber. Machine is coated with SUS304 and 6061 oxidated aluminum alloy.

Industry application:

This product is mainly used in biopharmaceuticals, such as vaccines, hyaluronic acid, etc. In this field, we have an absolute advantage.


Twenty years of industry accumulation and gradual standard and modular production make our hardware cost very low, saving customers a lot of money. Our technology research and development costs are gradually diluted over more than 20 years of production. In terms of price advantage, we have a dominant position.

Twenty years of industry technology accumulation, we have absolute technical advantages in the application of the same product, the main technical feature of our product is vacuum filling.

Traditional technology filling has two insurmountable weaknesses in this industry.

• There is no way to completely discharge the air, causing the product to form cotton wool phase due to a large number of air bubbles, which cannot meet the quality standard; products with high viscosity are even more difficult to discharge air bubbles and cannot produce qualified products.

• The contact surface of the soft rubber piston will wear out, and the worn particles will also enter the product, causing the product to fail to meet quality standards.

We use the patented technology of vacuum filling to perfectly avoid the above two problems, and ultimately ensure that the products meet the relevant standards.

We sincerely remind customers to pay attention to the above two points to avoid unnecessary losses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, we will provide you with professional pre-consultation to avoid investment mistakes. We are more welcome to come to the field for visiting and sample experiments.

Our products are also widely used in high viscosity macromolecular biologics.



Technical specification

Filling volume:

0.1-0.5ml, 0.5-3ml, 3-10ml, 10-30ml
Number of Filling Head: 5 Sets
Capacity: 2,000-3,500 Syringes/Hour   
X Travel Distance: 900mm
 Printer:  Hot-sensible printing paper width 56mm, max. 20 alphabets per line.
Machine Vision System Resolution (option ): 752*480DPI
Vacuum: -98Kpa -0 (-750mmHg-0)
Nitrogen: 1Kg/cm2, 0.1m3/min   0.25µ   -750mmHg-0
Compressed Air: 6Kg/cm2, 0.35m3/min
Power Supply (including  vacuum pump ): 3P 380V/220V    50-60Hz   5.5Kw
Dimension: 3050*1600*1900mm     L*W*H
Net Weight: 950Kg






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Automatic Filling and Plugging Machine for Pre-sterilized Syringes

Brief Introduction: Automatic machine firstly developed in CHINA by us. Features include automatic syringe nest-tub in-feeding, automatic paper-cover opening/throwing, automatic vacuum filling, automatic vacuum plugging and automatic nest-tub out-feeding.  Accurate filling, controlling bubble during plugging. Automatic operation with monitoring all the way.