Welcome to Drofen Machinery Equipment Co.,LTD, located in China. We are a professional machinery equipments & spares supplier, which consist of experienced and qualified machinery engineers, serving our customers all over the world. We specialize in supplying a variety of machinery equipments & spares as follows: Rotary indexing tables,Stander parts, Automation robotics.
     We have a group of professional engineers and interpreters to offer technical support and timely help for above equipments. We have been congregating many talents in machine manufacturing industry and keep ahead in researching and developing. We offer packing solutions for our customers throughout the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, foodstuff, and lubricant and some other industries . More than 80% of our products are exported to countries all over the world, To sum up, we always focus on your attention and try our best to serve you.

    We also believe: "quality, value, innovation and rapid response to customer requirements"。
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