"Parallel Robot"

OFweekrobotNetwork News: As an important member of the robot family, parallel robots "show their skills" in many fields, such as 4D dynamic cinema, aircraft driving simulator, space docking simulation equipment of two aircraft in space, large earthquake simulation platform, micro-nano operating robot, etc. These devices have something in common: strong carrying capacity, high control accuracy, high rigidity, etc. This is the most prominent excellent characteristic of parallel robots.

Although parallel robots have so many excellent qualities, these "mechanical warriors" can clearly feel from the outside that their mechanisms are generally more complicated, with more branches and hinges. In fact, the design process of parallel robots is not an easy and pleasant job. How to design robots according to the functional requirements of parallel robot products has become a hot and difficult point in international research in the past 20 years.

what kind of robot, including how many branches and hinges; How long the components are and how to arrange them are all difficult problems faced by the peak research group. After research and experiments, Gao Feng's research group proposed the concept and definition of GF set expressing the end characteristics of parallel robots, and created the theoretical system of topology design system of parallel robot mechanism. According to this, the subject has also made a series of key breakthroughs in "parallel robot" technology.

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Created on:2022-08-24