Portable Robot Arm Big Production Line Automation Business Opportunities

OFweekrobotNetwork News: Portable robotic arm big production line automation business opportunities. The portable robotic arm overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional solution, such as too large, expensive, noisy and difficult to control, and has captured the hearts of small and medium-sized enterprises with the advantages of low power consumption, easy programming, and extremely short investment return period, and aggressively attacked the production line automation market.

UniversalRobots, said that traditional robotic arms or robots are not only difficult to install and disassemble but also expensive because of their large size. They are a huge budget burden for small and medium-sized manufacturing industries that require a small amount of diversified production and have budget pressure, and even often delay the production schedule.

UniversalRobots introduced a portable robotic arm, which weighs about one-tenth of the traditional robotic arm and can move quickly on the production line. Gotfredsen pointed out that small mechanical arms conform to Europeindustrial robotthe safety standards of the ISO10218, it can cooperate with the operator without the protection of the safety fence, and has a force feedback control mechanism. If the mechanical arm loses control of torque, it will automatically stop.

On the other hand, for small and medium-sized manufacturing industries, production lines often have to be changed according to the requirements of end customers. Compared with the traditional robotic arm, it takes 1 week to replace the production line, the portable robotic arm can be reinstalled within 1 day, and all programming is completed using industry software, which greatly improves production efficiency and shortens the return on investment period.

Take -- Oction, a hearing aid manufacturer, as an example. The company uses portable mechanical arms to assemble the inner parts of hearing aids and recovers the return on investment in less than 2 months. The portable robot arm can take out parts of only 1mm (mm) in size on the Oction production line from the mold and place them accurately and quickly in the position set by the program. If the on-site operator finds any path and movement of the robotic arm that need to be adjusted, he can use the tablet computer configured with the robotic arm to touch and adjust.

in fact, not only UniversalRobots pushed the portable robot arm strongly, but also KUKA, another robot manufacturer, launched a six-axis small robot with a carrying capacity of 6-10kg at this year's Taipei International Automation Industry Exhibition.

Kuka Business Commissioner Wang Shiwei pointed out that the portable robotic arm has extremely high working speed performance, which can increase the cycle speed and achieve high repetition accuracy at the same time. He revealed that the domestic semiconductor manufacturer Fan Xuan showed great interest in portable robots. Therefore, Kuka will launch advanced products that meet the specifications of the clean room in the future, hoping to win the order at one stroke.

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Created on:2022-08-24