Machine Replacement Program

OFweekrobotNetwork News: A few days ago, a "new colleague" came to a folder production branch of Guangbo Group ". According to estimates, this new colleague can produce 120 folders per minute and produce more than 30 skilled workers per day. The "machine substitution" has given the manufacturer a solid taste of the benefits.

with rising labor costs, labor shortages androbot technology, China's economic development has shown a trend of declining demographic dividend and high-end manufacturing industry, which puts forward higher requirements for production efficiency and mechanization. More and more manufacturing enterprises are changing from asking for "dividends" from the population to "dividends" from machines ". Wang Liping, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Guangbo Holding Group, suggested optimizing the policy system and implementing differentiated support policies.

, some data show that transforming existing enterprises, improving the level of production technology and expanding production capacity can save 2/3 of investment, about 50% of time and 60% of equipment and materials compared with newly-built enterprises with the same production capacity. He suggested that the government increase credit support, credit scale and interest rate level to the "machine substitution" project tilt, the implementation of medium-and long-term loans for key projects, interest rate floating range put forward a limit standard. Explore the establishment of an emergency on-lending fund for industrial enterprises, and give priority to the use of loans for "machine substitution" projects.

"'Machine substitution' work is a high-tech, professional work, there are many kinds of machines, it is difficult to update the scale. At present, there is a lack of professional machine replacement design service units and intermediary agencies that can provide personalized replacement, and there is a lack of professional docking bridge between machine manufacturing enterprises and demand enterprises." Wang Liping said that the government is to do a good job in the communication, coordination and support of this bridge.

"For manufacturing enterprises, the biggest practical dilemma in promoting 'machine substitution' is the process of self-transformation after the introduction of equipment." He suggested that relevant government departments and industry associations increase information support for enterprise "machine substitution", and timely convey some good practices at home and abroad to enterprises, so that enterprises can avoid detours.

Wang Liping also told a reporter from China Economic Net that since last year, the full roll-out of the "Machine Replacement Project" in Zhejiang Province has allowed more and more manufacturing companies to introduce intelligent machines into daily production, and the "machine dividend" is optimizing resources. Configuration. In the future, Zhejiang Province plans to implement 5000 machine substitution projects every year, realize 500 billion yuan of machine substitution investment, and promote the transformation of industrial production mode from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing.

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Created on:2022-08-24