Shanghai DROFEN Machine Equipment Co., Ltd.




DROFEN Equipment is a professional engineering company providing solutions for the healthcare industry. We provide integrated engineering solutions for global pharmaceutical and medical plants that comply with EU GMP/US FDA principles. With decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, we are committed to providing satisfactory tailor-made solutions for our global customers, including advanced project design, high-quality equipment, efficient process management and full life Full cycle service.


who we are?


DROFEN equipment was established in 2009, deeply cultivated in the field of medicine and medical industry, and established a pharmaceutical filling and packaging machinery factory. We have provided thousands of pharmaceutical and medical production equipment and turnkey projects, serving hundreds of customers from more than 50 countries, helping our customers improve their pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities and win in their markets market share and good reputation.


what we do?

According to the individual needs of customers in different countries, we tailor-made integrated engineering solutions for chemical injections, solid drugs, biopharmaceuticals, medical consumables factories, and comprehensive factories. Our integrated engineering solutions cover clean rooms, clean facilities, pharmaceutical water treatment systems, production process systems, pharmaceutical automation, packaging systems, intelligent logistics systems, quality control systems, central laboratories, and more.


According to the individual needs of customers, DROFEN equipment can provide the following professional services:


*Project feasibility consultation                                                          *Project engineering design


*Equipment selection and customization                                           *installment and debugging


* Validation of equipment and processes                                           *Quality control consultation


*Production technology transfer                                                         *Hard and soft documents


*employee training                                                                              *After-sale full service


*Production hosting                                                                            *Upgrade service, etc.


why we are?


Creating value for customers is the meaning of DROFEN's existence, and it is also the action guide for all our employees. DROFEN has been serving international customers for more than 13  years. We understand the individual needs of international customers very well, and always provide customers with high-quality equipment and engineering at reasonable prices.


Our technical experts have decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industries and are familiar with most international GMP requirements, such as EU GMP/US FDA cGMP, WHO GMP, PIC/S GMP principles, etc.

Our engineering team is diligent and efficient, and has rich experience in different types of pharmaceutical projects. While constructing high-quality projects, we not only consider the current needs of customers, but also consider the savings of customers' future daily operating costs and the convenience of maintenance, even future expansions.


Our sales team is well-educated, with international vision and relevant pharmaceutical expertise, with a strong sense of responsibility and mission to provide customers with friendly and efficient services from the pre-sales stage to the after-sales stage.



solve your problem:




The highlights of the design scheme are not prominent and the layout is unreasonable.


The detailed design is not standardized and the implementation is difficult.


The schedule of the design scheme is out of control and the construction progress is endless.


Equipment quality is only known when it is not working.


It is difficult to estimate costs before losing money.


Waste a lot of time visiting suppliers, communicating design proposals and construction management, comparing again and again.


our engineering project:


DROFEN provides integrated engineering solutions for pharmaceutical and medical plants worldwide, including clean rooms, automatic control and monitoring systems, pharmaceutical water treatment systems, solution preparation and delivery systems, filling and packaging systems, automated logistics systems, quality control systems and centers Laboratory and according to the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in different countries and the individual needs of customers, DROFEN carefully customizes engineering solutions for turnkey projects to help customers win a high reputation and status in the domestic pharmaceutical industry.


our plant:



The pharmaceutical machinery research and development capabilities of our intravenous infusion series products are at the absolute leading level in China and at the international advanced level. It has applied for more than 10 technical patents, and can provide a full set of approval documents for customers' product approval and GMP certificates. By the end of 2021, our company has sold thousands of syringe canning lines, accounting for 70% of the market share; glass bottle canning production lines occupy more than 60% of the market share in China. The plastic syringe liquid production line is also exported to Europe, America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and other places, and has won unanimous praise from customers. Our company has established a good business cooperation relationship with more than 100 manufacturers of intravenous infusion and solution in China, and has gained a good reputation in many countries. We have become the Chinese brand of choice for global intravenous infusion manufacturers and a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical machinery in China.


We have developed a series of equipment such as NON-PVC soft bag/PP bottle/glass bottle production line, automatic ampoule bottle/vial bottle cleaning-filling-sealing production line, oral liquid cleaning-drying-filling- and other equipment to meet the customized needs of customers. Sealing production line, dialysate filling and sealing production line, prefilled syringe filling and sealing production line, etc.